Jenny Lawton - Executive Producer

A proud native of the Second City, Jenny joined Studio 360 in 2007. Since then, she's produced the show's American Icons specials on the Disney parks and I Love Lucy, lots of stories in the Aha Moments series, and a portrait of the Japanese tea ceremony from Kyoto. She also serves as the managing editor of and coordinates the show's internship program. Jenny started recording interviews as a Watson Fellow in India and Spain, researching the origins of flamenco dance. She cut her teeth in journalism at Chicago Public Radio, where she filed stories on culture, politics, technology, and the environment for WBEZ as well as NPR's Morning Edition and PRI's The World, among other programs. Jenny was awarded a USC-Annenberg/NEA Arts Journalism Fellowship, and lectures about radio and sound design at NYU and her alma mater, Kenyon College.

Andrew Adam Newman - Senior Editor

Before joining Studio 360 in 2015, Andy was a print reporter primarily for The New York Times, where he published hundreds of articles. Along with writing extensively for the Business and Style sections, he wrote widely about the arts, including stories about the Broadway revival of Talk Radio and a conceptual artist who made a quilted cozy for a 10-ton Nike Hercules missile. He also has written for New York magazine, Salon and Adweek. Before moving to New York in 2004, he served as Editor in Chief at alternative newspapers in Pittsburgh and Boise. He produced his first piece for Studio 360 in 2006. 

Eric Molinsky - Associate Producer

Eric Molinsky knew he wanted to be a public radio producer by the tender age of 32. He had been hooked on Studio 360 while sitting in his cubicle along Sunset Boulevard, drawing storyboards for Rugrats. Finally it was time to stop annoying his fellow animators with his lunchbreak theories about the cultural zeitgest, and he moved back East to hook up with the Studio 360 crowd. He quickly became the program's house cartoonist, and went on to coproduce American Icons programs on The Wizard of Oz, the Lincoln and Vietnam Veterans Memorials, and Superman. He's also produced stories about many of his favorite artists, like Aimee Mann and Jules Feiffer. Originally from Massachusetts, Eric studied at Wesleyan University and the California Institute of the Arts.

Matt Frassica - Associate Producer

Matt came to Studio 360 in 2014 from Louisville, Kentucky, where he was a features reporter for the Courier-Journal. There, he wrote about celebrity chefs, the world’s largest collection of poisonous snakes, and a former monk turned furniture maker to the presidents. He also taught courses on literary journalism, feature writing, and arts and culture reporting at Bellarmine University. Although he lived for four years in Louisville, he still doesn’t know how to bet on a horse race. His writing has appeared in SalonThe New York ObserverUSA Today, the Detroit Free PressThe Rumpus and elsewhere. A former Studio 360 intern, Matt’s first piece for the show was on the design of that quintessential 1970s mode of transportation, the moped.

Julia Lowrie Henderson - Associate Producer

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Julia has crisscrossed the country — from Brooklyn to Oakland to Portland (Maine) and back again. She joined Studio 360 in 2013 after graduating from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. She has produced stories about Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead, black and white movies, and giant sandworms. Her work has been featured on MPBN, New Hampshire Public Radio, and Public Radio Remix. She once shipped herself 40 lbs worth of family Polaroid pictures and spent a year scanning and chronicling their tales. She enjoys a good joke and a nice, long drive across the country.

Lynn Levy - Associate Producer

Before joining Studio 360, Lynn spent five years working at Radiolab (just a few rows over at WNYC), where she produced stories about the power of blood, the loneliness of space, and the language of dolphins, among other things. She has a degree in film studies from Wesleyan University, where she was one of the last students to cut her thesis film on a big old Steenbeck editing table before everything went digital. If you're ever in Austin, TX you can take an interactive audio tour that Lynn wrote and produced. She tweets at @LynnRLevy, but not about anything terribly important.

Khrista Rypl - Assistant Producer

Although she's been a member of Studio 360 since 2012 — first as an intern, currently as an assistant producer, and occasionally as a producer and reporter — her favorite contribution to the show might be the tiger beanie baby she donated to the studio. She has reported on cultural trends both high (space photography) and low (the cult classic film The Room). Khrista is a native of Ithaca, New York (it's gorges, yeah yeah yeah) and a proud graduate of Rice University (God Bless Texas). She loves new recipes, trying to keep plants alive, and hoarding books. She tweets @khristap.