Edgar Choueiri

Princeton University Professor and Pioneer of 3D Sound

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3D Sound & Mormons on Broadway

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Kurt Andersen gets a sneak preview of the next big thing in entertainment: 3D sound. Robert Lopez, the composer and co-creator of the hit Broadway musical The Book of Mormon, sits down at the piano to deconstruct the show. Plus we uncover the secret life of the jazz bandleader Ina Ray Hutton.

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More Adventures in 3D Sound!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Last week we aired an exclusive first 3D radio broadcast. Our segment featured a breakthrough technology developed by Princeton astrophysicist Edgar Choueiri that allows stereo playback to sound much more real and lifelike. The response was overwhelming and listeners flooded our website with suggestions...

Bonus Track: Igor Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) in 3D

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Adventures in 3D Sound!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Edgar Chouieri knows how things work; he’s a rocket scientist — officially, the Director of Princeton University's Electric Propulsion and Plasma Dynamics Laboratory. If NASA ever sends a person to Mars, Chouieri’s research probably will have played a role. But Studio 360’s Kurt Andersen visited his lab recently to get a taste of the future right now. Chouieri’s hobby is acoustics...

Bonus Track: Listen to Sound in 3D

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