Laurel Braitman poses with a statue of a gray wolf at Wolf Haven, a sanctuary for wolves born in captivity. Braitman is at Wolf Haven to stage a concert for the sanctuary’s animal residents — an idea she dreamed up while writing a book about the mental health of animals.
Carli Davidson

Braitman takes members of the band Black Prairie on a tour of Wolf Haven. Before their performance that evening, the group meets two of their future audience members.

Bart greets his visitors. The gray wolf has lived at the sanctuary since he was seven months old. 

Nate Query starts the evening’s music. The band thought the wolves might find the low tones of his bass soothing. Spruce, another gray wolf, eyes him curiously.

Black Prairie performs. 

After the concert, the staff at Wolf Haven teach Black Prairie how to "initiate a howl.” Their call triggers an incredible response: dozens of the park’s wolves could be heard howling back. 

Making Music For Animals

Can music help soothe the anxious behaviors of animals in captivity? And what kinds of music do animals like, anyway?