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Aspen, Arianna, Rosanne Cash

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Studio 360 Episode 1039, Cash ArtPrize, Tim Page Roseanne Cash (Deborah Feingold)

A special show recorded live at the Aspen Ideas Festival: Kurt Andersen chats with America’s most famous blogger Arianna Huffington, and digital visionary John Seely Brown. Rosanne Cash performs songs from her new album Black Cadillac. Plus, we hear from Shashi Tharoor, whose day job as Under-Secretary at the United Nations doesn’t stop him from being an expert on Bollywood musicals.

Dana Gioia

Dana Gioia is a poet, translator, and former businessman who handles the unenviable task of running the National Endowment for the Arts while convincing Congress to fund it. Gioia urges support of the arts across party lines and recites one of his poems (not at the same ...


Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash talks about her new album, Black Cadillac -- a culmination of working through the tremendous loss she experienced when her father, step-mother, and mother all passed away during an 18-month period. When asked about the Academy Award-winning film Walk the Line, she replied, "Would you ...


John Seely Brown

The former chief engineer at legendary tech incubator Xerox PARC, John Seely Brown, (Palo Alto Research Center) explains why Apple and Microsoft didn't steal from him the ubiquitous point-and-click computer interface - contrary to urban legend. And Brown shares his thoughts on how videogames like "World ...


Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington, The columnist and founder of "The Huffington Post," talks with Kurt about the impact blogging has made on politics and journalism. She came on to the pop-political radar with her pajama-clad "strange bedfellows" stunt with Al Franken for Comedy Central during the 1996 election campaign ...


Shashi Tharoor

He is the Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information at the United Nations. And he's also a novelist and Bollywood expert. Shashi Tharoor explains the phenomenon of Indian film stars becoming politicians -- and talks frankly about his current candidacy to become Secretary General, replacing Kofi Annan.


Hear all of Rosanne Cash's songs

Hear some songs by Rosanne Cash.


Web Extra

Dana Gioia reads his translation of the poem "Las Animas," by Mario Luzi.


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