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Tramp, John Henry, Robert Altman

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Video almost killed the radio star. Kurt Andersen barely survives a visit to a talk show that takes place entirely within the ultra-violent digital game world of Halo 2. And it’s an American Icons double header: we offer an appreciation of Charlie Chaplin’s character the Tramp, who may be the most endearing icon in the history of cinema, and then we journey back in time in search of the original steel driving man, John Henry. Plus, Kurt pays tribute to the innovative moviemaker Robert Altman, who died this week.

Surviving Halo

This Spartan Life is no ordinary talk show – it's filmed inside the online video game Halo 2. It combines good conversation and unexpected explosions, with the added thrill of trying to stay alive long enough to get your point across. Chris Burke is the host and ...


American Icons: The Tramp

With just a pair of baggy pants, a derby hat, mustache, floppy shoes, and his own physical genius, Charlie Chaplin created silent film's most memorable character - the Tramp.

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American Icons: John Henry

We trace the ballad of John Henry back to its origins - a cautionary tale about working too hard.

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Robert Altman

With MASH, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, and Nashville, Robert Altman redefined American movies - and helped us understand America in the 1970s. He went on to create classics like Short Cuts and The Player, as well as Tanner '88 - the groundbreaking mockumentary of a political campaign. ...


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