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Friday, February 02, 2007

Studio 360 Episode 805, Miles Davis (Tom Palumbo/Wikimedia Commons)

Literary legend Norman Mailer talks with Kurt Andersen about The Castle in the Forest, Mailer's first novel in ten years. Our American Icons series continues with a deep look at Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue – maybe the most recognizable, and the best-selling, jazz record ever. Plus Kurt gets the inside dope on talent picking from two casting directors who discovered Julia Roberts and Leonardo DiCaprio.

American Icons: Kind of Blue

Miles Davis' groundbreaking album became the symbol for everything jazz could be: avant-garde, hip, and soulful.

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Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer is a heroic chronicler of America and a notorious troublemaker. He's won two Pulitzer prizes, wrote biographies of Marilyn Monroe and Lee Harvey Oswald, as well as novels about the CIA and ancient Egypt and Jesus Christ. He has been a public figure, admired and ...


Casting with the Stars

Janet Hirshenson and Jane Jenkins have been casting movies in Hollywood for over 25 years. Their casting decisions have helped launch the careers of hundreds of actors including Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Roberts. They give us the rundown on how they match actors to ...

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Architect and homebuilding guru Duo Dickinson talks about a tool belt he says makes all the difference. Produced by Rob Christiansen.


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