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Valentines and Valentino

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Studio 360 Episode 806, Valentines and Valentino Corey Dargel (Yvan Greenberg)

We heart custom-made love songs. Kurt Andersen announces a contest to win an original love song by singer-songwriter Corey Dargel. Avant-garde chanteuse Diamanda Galás has a tribute to Valentine’s Day that's anything but sweet. Plus, Kurt talks with writer Dave Eggers and Sudanese refugee Valentino Achak Deng about turning Deng’s life into a novel.

Enough with Silly Love Songs

Love may be something to sing about, but what if you can’t carry a tune? Hire someone to do the serenading for you. Singer-songwriter Corey Dargel will write and perform a 3-4 minute, custom-built love song for your lover, friend, family member, pet, whomever. Kurt finds out ...


More from Corey

Love songs aren’t just for lovers. Corey Dargel writes tributes for family members too – like this one, for a friend whose mother was suffering from Alzheimers.


Meet Cute

There’s something of a formula to Hollywood’s most successful romantic comedies – it includes a scene screenwriters call the “meet cute.” That’s when “boy meets girl,” often in a surprising, memorable way that could only lead to true love. Produced by Jonathan Mitchell.



Millions turn to online dating sites for the perfect match. But with so many people looking for love online, some people want extra help to give their profiles an edge. Enter screenwriter Evan Katz. He turned his talent for writing plausible, lovable fictional characters into a for-profit ...



In a poetry class at an adult learning center on Chicago’s North Side, the teacher Susan House usually keeps things fairly subdued. But when former gang member Sifredo Torres walked in, his eyes met those of Diana Giraldo, and sparks flew. ...


Diamanda's Valentine's Day Massacre

Avant-garde composer and vocalist Diamanda Galás brings her “Valentine’s Day Massacre” to the Knitting Factory in New York City later this week. The concert is billed as a “spellbinding night of tragic and homicidal love songs.” Enough said. Produced by Trey Kay.


Dave Eggers and Valentino Achak Deng

In 2000, Dave Eggers became the literary voice of his generation with the memoir A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. But in his latest work, Eggers chose to channel a very different voice. What is the What tells a fictionalized version of the real life of


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