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Aerial, Diving, Airlines

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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Kurt Andersen and Erica Jong, the novelist and poet, talk about art and flight. An archeologist discovers treasures below the landscape by photographing it from the air. The jazz pianist Vijay Iyer and poet Mike Ladd compose an opera about airline passengers in the age of high security. And a filmmaker creates a tribute to one man’s last skydive — by filming underwater.


Erica Jong

Commentary: Inspirational Irony

For a few months a couple of years ago it became conventional wisdom that, in this culture, irony was over. But Studio 360's Kurt Andersen says things have changed.


Design for the Real World: Airline Logos

The experience of commercial air travel is not really very different from airline to airline for the most part. So getting people to fly your particular airline is a design challenge. Graphic designer Michael Beirut looks at classic airline logos. Produced by Ave Carrillo and John Stanik.


Special Guest: Erica Jong

Kurt Andersen and novelist Erica Jong look at how our desire to fly inspires art, music, and culture.

Erica Jong is the author of eight novels, most recently Sappho's Leap, as well as many volumes of poetry. Her novel Fear of Flying, published in 1973, was a groundbreaking and controversial ...


The Dive

The filmmaker Kia Simon wanted to pay tribute her late stepfather Dan Skarry and his passion for skydiving. Her video is called The Dive and she figured out a way to complete it without ever boarding an airplane. Produced by Peter Crimmins.


Above Picardy

Picardy, Northern France, has long been famous for a towering gothic cathedral in Amiens, and for the battlefield of the Somme. But in recent years the area has also become known for the traces of history buried beneath its soil. The photographer Roger Agache told Marjorie ...


In What Language

In the spring of 2001, an Iranian film-maker flew from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires for a film festival. Along the way, he needed to transfer through New York's John F Kennedy airport. But as an Iranian, he needed a special transit visa to pass through the United States. He ...


Up In the Air

A sound portrait of the world at 6,000 feet from recreational pilots and radio producers Kim Green and Hal Humphreys.


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