Episode #432

Twain, Road, Salvation

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Saturday, August 09, 2003

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Kurt Andersen and his guest, the Andy Borowitz, pile into a minivan and take their summer road trip. They're headed to Mark Twain's house in Hartford, Connecticut, where Twain wrote his most famous works. Along the way, musicians Willie Nelson and Susheela Raman talk about life on the tour bus. That, plus a movie that travels across America at 9,000 miles an hour, in Studio 360's road show.


Andy Borowitz

Commentary: Thrill of the Road

Kurt Andersen and Andy Borowitz start their summer road trip.


Design For the Real World: Stop Sign

Graphic Designer Stephen Heller talks about the street sign no one can ignore.


Special Guest: Andy Borowitz

Kurt Andersen and humorist Andy Borowitz take Studio 360 on summer road trip to the Mark Twain House.

Andy Borowitz has written for television, the movies, magazines, and books. He is the author of Who Moved My Soap? The CEO's Guide to Surviving in Prison, and The Trillionaire Next Door: ...


Willie Nelson

The country music legend talks to us on his bus after a show in Ruston, Louisiana about life on the road. Produced by Trey Kay.


Salvation Mountain

A bizarre and beautiful handmade landmark in the middle of the California Desert becomes a road trip destination. Produced by Polly Sveda.


Cross Country

Filmmaker Mike Rogers wanted to create a glimpse of America, from one end to the other — and he did it, in a 23 minute movie. Produced by Jonathan Mitchell.


Ralph Stanley

The bluegrass legend who hit the mainstream with the soundtrack to Oh Brother Where Art Thou, told us about his 55 years of touring — and what it was like at the beginning, with the Stanley Brothers. Produced by Trey Kay.


Susheela Raman

Susheela Raman sings a mix of South Indian classical music and western pop, and she's just completed her first European tour: 150 concerts in her first year. She's now trying her luck here in America. Produced by Trey Kay.


Mark Twain House

Kurt Andersen and Andy Borowitz arrive at Twain's gigantic Hartford mansion, where he wrote his most beloved books and gave his cats names like Satan and Perdition.


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