Episode #812

Lethem, Andrew Bird, Love Songs

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Studio 360 Episode 1130, The Creativity Crisis, Dean & Britta Dean & Britta (Michael Lavine)

Novelist Jonathan Lethem tells Kurt how he learned to love the solitary life of a writer. Songwriter and violinist Andrew Bird finds his muse in a barn in western Illinois. We also have a live performance from the duo that’s been called the sexiest couple in indie rock: Dean & Britta. And we announce the winner of our love song contest.


Jonathan Lethem

Jonathan Lethem on Solitude

Novelist Jonathan Lethem tells Kurt what Superman has in common with the young hero of his book, The Fortress of Solitude. He also explains how losing his mother when he was a teenager shaped his writing.


One-Man Band

Lots of us wonder if the distractions of the modern world compromise our creativity. Songwriter Andrew Bird put that theory to the test, holing up in a barn in western Illinois near the Mississippi River. In his isolation, Bird marveled at the innovation that flowed into his ...


All by Myself

Bob Paul is a successful graphic designer and painter who’s been working up in his attic since he quit his very first job. He says he doesn’t need anybody else around because he doesn’t care what other people think. His son, producer Richard Paul, ...


Thom Pain

In the acclaimed monologue “Thom Pain (based on nothing),” playwright Will Eno explores some of the darker and lonelier corners of the soul. Actor James Urbaniak performs scenes from the play.


Love Song Contest Winner

Just before Valentine’s Day this year, we offered listeners a chance to win a personalized love song by singer-songwriter Corey Dargel. The stories poured in: a woman going through a divorce who fell for her bankruptcy attorney; a wedding photographer whose fiancée broke off their engagement; two Mormons who left ...


Dean & Britta

When guitarist Dean Wareham needed a new bassist for his band Luna, he placed an ad in the “Village Voice” classifieds. Britta Phillips answered, and the two have been making rainy day indie-rock ever since. They perform songs from their new album “Back Numbers” ...


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