Episode #405

Anonymous, Cooder, Excavator

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Saturday, February 01, 2003

Kurt Andersen and philanthropist Peter Lewis talk about patrons. Stories peek behind the veil of secrecy and into the world of the anonymous donor, and discover how guitarist Ry Cooder fell in love with Cuban music, and got the rest the world to fall too. And in Design for the Real World, a vacuum cleaner innovator has a soft spot for his backhoe. 


Peter H. Lewis

Commentary: When Insiders Define Outsiders

In the world of outsider art, authenticity can be just as important as how the art looks. As Studio 360’s Kurt Andersen noticed recently, there’s a heated debate over the definition of what makes an outsider artist truly authentic.


Design for the Real World: Excavator

Industrial engineer James Dyson is the creator of the Dyson Cyclone Vacuum, but he also digs the elegant design of another dirty machine — the excavator.


Special Guest: Peter Lewis

Kurt Andersen and philanthropist Peter Lewis talk about the art of patronage.

Peter Lewis is the chairman of the Progressive Corporation, an auto insurer that he transformed into a $7.4 billion company. He is an avid art collector and helped create the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art. Lewis also serves ...



When we think about support for the arts, certain names come to mind, like Mellon, and Guggenheim, and MacArthur. But in every concert hall and museum, the wall of benefactors is engraved with a few patrons who go by "anonymous." Who are these people? Produced by David Krasnow.


Simon Schama on Patrons

Kurt Andersen asks historian Simon Schama to trace the golden chain between artists and their benefactors. Produced by Peter Clowney and Sarah Lilley.


Ry Cooder and Manuel Galban

Ry Cooder's love of Cuban music had worldwide resonance in 1998 when he brought some great, forgotten musicians back into the studio to create The Buena Vista Social Club. Since then Cooder has been busy producing CDs featuring some of the band's individual members. Guitarist Manuel Galban is at center ...


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