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Thyre, Omaha, Big Boy

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Studio 360 Episode 815, Thyre, Omaha, Big Boy Bob's Big Boy 75th Anniversary Stamp (Courtesy of Big Boy Restaurants)

This week in Studio 360, it’s Omaha or bust: Kurt Andersen finds that his Great Plains hometown is no sleepy cow town. Kurt taps into the culture with everyone from Mayor Mike Fahey to indie-rock superstar Conor Oberst. Also in the show, two very different memoirs: one recalling 1970s Louisiana, the other 1940s Hungary.

Sarah Thyre

A tough childhood in Louisiana taught Sarah Thyre how to tease out the humor in otherwise dark situations. Now the precocious child is all grown up – well, sorta. She's an actress and comedian with a fondness for the scatological. Kurt talks to Thyre about her new ...


Destination: Omaha

Kurt heads back to his hometown. No longer just beef and Warren Buffett, Kurt finds a vibrant indie rock, film, and visual arts scene there. Artists, politicians and philanthropists – including filmmaker Alexander Payne and Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst – tell us what makes Omaha so nice to come ...


Design for the Real World: Big Boy

Cartoon characters have helped sell burgers and fries for years. But for graphic designer Steven Heller, there’s one icon that stands above the rest. He’s a pudgy little boy with a pompadour, checkered overalls and a Double-Decker burger in his hand.


Miriam Katin

Miriam Katin was only a toddler when she and her mother hid from the Nazis in the Hungarian countryside. Now, more than 60 years later, she’s turned their harrowing story of escape and survival into a graphic memoir called We Are On Our Own. Produced by


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