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Virginia, Garrison, Phillips

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Studio 360 Episode 816, Virginia, Garrison, Phillips Portion of "Richard McBeef" by Seung Cho, gunman at the Virginia Tech shootings (Courtesy of Virginia Tech)

Kurt talks with creative writing teachers about the tragedy at Virginia Tech, and the difficulty of identifying dangerous students through their writing. We’ll also go to rural Pennsylvania for a theater production so big, it could rival the bright lights of Broadway. And later, music from the alterna-rocker Grant-Lee Phillips.

Foreshadowing a Tragedy

Kurt talks to two creative writing teachers, Laura Kasischke and Joshua Furst, about this week's massacre at Virginia Tech. The gunman, Sueng-Hui Cho, wrote plays and fiction that troubled faculty and other students. But for teachers, identifying a psychopath through his writing is not ...


Evangelical Broadway

Deep in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country, there’s a small town with a theater with shows that rival the glittery productions you'd find on Broadway. Last year, more than 800,000 people came through town to see them. We sent producer Peter Crimmins to find out what’s ...


Deborah Garrison

Deborah Garrison stays busy as poetry editor for Knopf –- and even busier as the mother of 3 young children. She tells Kurt that this chaos actually inspires her poetry. She reads from her new book of poems, The Second Child.


Raymond Nasher

Dallas real estate developer Raymond Nasher passed away last month at age 85. He and his wife Patsy collected work by the world's great modern sculptors, including Serra, Picasso, and Rodin: much of it is housed in the Nasher Sculpture Center. Shortly before his death, he told ...


Grant-Lee Phillips

You may know Grant-Lee Phillips as the “Town Troubadour” on the TV show “The Gilmore Girls” – but he’s also a veteran of the alternative rock scene who has been charming audiences with his velvety vocals since the early 1990’s. Grant-Lee tells Kurt about how he started ...


Bonus Track: "Soft Asylum"

Grant-Lee Phillips performs “Soft Asylum” from Strangelet in Studio 360.


Bonus Track: "Far End of the Night"

Grant-Lee Phillips performs “Far End of the Night” from Virginia Creeper in Studio 360.


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