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Tori, Astro-poetry, Sarah Polley

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Studio 360 Episode 818, Tori, Astro-poetry, Sarah Polley Tori Amos (Blaise Reutersward)

Conventional thinkers need not apply. Pop star Tori Amos tells us why she'll never take her cues from record executives. A NASA scientist picks a fight with Walt Whitman. A Southern California grows a Cambodian hip-hop star. And with her new film Away From Her, Canadian actress Sarah Polley takes the leap into directing with powerful results.

Tori Amos

Tori Amos talks to Kurt Andersen about how she continues to make music on her own terms.


Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Right-brained people are supposed to be artistic and spontaneous, while left-brainers are literal and analytical. Nobel Prize-winning neurology spawned this insight decades ago, along with the bestseller Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. But does the story of two hemispheres stand up in the age of the MRI? ...


Physics for Poets

Astrophysicist Michael Salamon, who works at NASA's Universe Division, says Walt Whitman –- and a lot of other poets -- misunderstood the beauty of the heavens. Give him a few minutes with Whitman, Salamon says, and the poet would have some revising to do. Produced by



In Southern California, a Cambodian-American who goes by "praCH" surprised everyone -- including his parents -- when his Khmer-language hip hop tunes became hits in Cambodia. Produced by Ben Adair.


Design for the Real World: Roomba

Robots taking over the world? Stealing all the jobs? Robotics engineer Daniel H. Wilson says we shouldn't fear the all-knowing floor-cleaning unit called Roomba. Produced by Caitlin Lindsey.


Sarah Polley

Kurt talks with Canadian actress Sarah Polley who has just made the leap to directing.

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