Tossing and Turning


Friday, May 18, 2007

Alan Berliner is a filmmaker and an insomniac. He says he does his best work and feels most alive late at night. His new film, Wide Awake, is part-insomnia diary and part-therapy session. It airs this week on HBO. Kurt Andersen drops in on Berliner at his studio in the middle of the night.


Alan Berliner

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David (DJ) Wingard from Long Beach, Ca.

I am the only cured diabetic that I have heard of. I had a double transplant in 2002 (kidney, pancreas.)

It is so weird to get the jealous, evil-eye from the diabetics I meet at work (Costco, cashier.)

A lot people are suffering from the disease. And here I am, like Lazarus, walking among the dying...

Feb. 15 2008 05:57 PM

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