Mingering Mike

Friday, May 25, 2007

By day, Dori Hadar works as a criminal investigator. But he moonlights as a DJ and prowls for interesting LPs. Sifting through crates of old soul and funk, he found a box of records that mystified him. The sleeves were painted by hand – and the “records” inside were made of cardboard. Hadar put his detective skills to work to find the man who called himself Mingering Mike. Produced by Derek John.


Dori Hadar and Mingering Mike

Produced by:

Derek John

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Paul North Waters from New York City

Here is the item I posted on Facebook today, Sunday, after hearing the angelic (!) Mingering Mike story, along with the link to the broadcast recording, of course:

"LISTEN, Y’all! Mingering Mike: THE greatest recording artist ever; who never was…sort of…ALMOST!!!
If you only do one thing to begin the week, make it a listen of this entirely uplifting 9-minute piece I happened to catch on NPR’s Studio360.org. As cynical as I am; as downtrodden by the garbage heap trolled by corrupt haulers that NYC has become -- even I had my faith restored this morning; no less than in the indomitable life that resides in the human soul."

Mar. 22 2015 09:11 PM
Pamela Gutlon from Durham, NC

I'm trying to get in touch with Dori Hadar regarding a show of Mingering Mike's at my gallery in Durham, NC. Thanks.

Aug. 04 2010 10:08 AM

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