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Baghdad, Battlestar, Lonelygirl15

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Studio 360 Episode 808, Iraq Jefferson, length of service unknown (Suzanne Opton, “Soldier”)

Art and Iraq. We find out what it takes to keep art alive in the middle of a war zone with a visit to one of the only remaining art galleries in Baghdad. Jane Smiley sets her latest novel during the first days of the war – not in Iraq, but in Hollywood. A group of young soldiers sit for a portrait series by photographer Suzanne Opton. The war's harsh realities get hashed out in a distant sector of the universe, in "Battlestar Galactica." Plus, the strange popular reign of a YouTube princess: Lonelygirl15.

Baghdad Gallery

 The Madarat Gallery is one of the only remaining art galleries in Baghdad. We sent journalist David Enders to visit the gallery and talk with owner and artist Hasan Nassar, who does everything he can to keep art thriving in a warzone. But before Enders ...


Jane Smiley

Jane Smiley, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, sets her book Ten Days in the Hills in a fancy home high above Los Angeles. Sex, Hollywood, and soap opera-like personal drama give the novel a frenzied energy. And Smiley tells Kurt Andersen why she gave the book the ...


Battlestar Iraqtica

Though Hollywood was slow to portray the war in theatrical features, now a whole batch of Iraq movies are set to come out –- including Paul Haggis’ In the Valley of Elah. But as cultural critic Laura Miller tells us, one of the first, most surprising attempts to deal ...

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Suzanne Opton

In the spring of 2006 some billboards appeared along a highway near Syracuse NY, not far from the Ft. Drum Army Base. On each billboard was an enormous close-up of a young man's head on a plain dark surface. Photographer Suzanne Opton tells us how she came ...

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In 2006, a teenager named "Lonelygirl15" began posting her video diary on YouTube. Her series of video blogs was the first huge breakout success on YouTube -– by her sixth video, she was getting upwards of 500,000 views. One year ago, Lonelygirl15 was outed as a phony. The ...


Vive le Samuel L. Jackson

In France, the actor Thierry Desroses has a healthy side career dubbing nearly every movie where Samuel L. Jackson appears, like this year’s Black Snake Moan. Dersoses tells us what it takes to be an overdubbeur extraordinaire. Produced by Sarah Elzas.


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