On the Road


Friday, September 14, 2007

Jack Kerouac’s novel turned 50 this month and Studio 360 wanted to find out whether the book still speaks to readers. We turned to Hillary Frank and Jonathan Menjivar, newly married radio producers, to go exploring. Turned out Hillary had never read it -- so Jonathan gave her the underlined, scribbled-in copy he got when he was 17. We provoked a little marital tension in the process.


Hillary Frank and Jonathan Menjivar

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Greg Dowding from Omaha,Ne

Born in 52 and read OTR not unil 26 years old. Have collected Kerouac Firsts since and am now 61. I believe it is a young mans read. What Town and the City , Mexico City Blues, Visions of Cody, and DR SAX did to me and for says he still speaks to reader. Timeless, Classic, and unmatched. "Donde esta my sockiboos?"

Just purchased my 4th Town And The City. Keep giving away to younger people and I think that is what Ti Jean wanted .

Last copy as well as all since I turned 40 years ago are all beautiful first editions. Never owned a signed copy.

Mar. 12 2014 11:44 PM
David (DJ) Wingard from Long Beach, Ca.

I, too, read On the Road as a teenager. It was a sort of pilot light which I used to rationalize a road trip. It also showed me that life is messy and confusing and spiritual. It allowed me to think about my male friends with less machismo and more sentimentality. Knowing that Kerouac wrote it on one long roll of paper, I read it in that mindframe, that this was a rambling account of actual events. It inspired me to get up and just do whatever I wanted as long as no one got hurt.

I prefer The Dharma Bums, myself, to On the Road, simply because the character of Japhy Ryder is way more likeable and rich in spirituality. The kind of spiritual college life that allows wine...

Sep. 14 2007 01:56 PM

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