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Made in China

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Studio 360 Episode 846, Made in China Chinese Director Ang Lee (Courtesy of Chan Kam Chuen)

China's increased openness to cultural expression is making waves worldwide. Kurt Andersen talks with Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee (Lust, Caution, Brokeback Mountain) who negotiates the divide between Shanghai and Hollywood. A songwriter sings of the woes of 100 million migrant workers who have left rural homes for China's booming cities. And a scholar at the Asia Society explains why the Olympic Games are so important to China, and how they could turn into a PR nightmare.

Branding Songzhuang

Some years back, a group of artists were hounded out of Beijing by authorities. Some went to Songzhuang village, a farming town an hour away. Now, that village is a boomtown –- based on the market for contemporary Chinese art. Communist officials drink beer with bohemians. Will the ...

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Web Exclusive: Fang Fang

Fang Fang, the art mogul behind Beijing’s Star Gallery, explains why China's young artists are a world apart from their counterparts in the West. Produced by Jocelyn Ford.


Soft Power

China’s government has a strategy of using “soft power” to improve the country’s image –- promoting the arts, building language schools abroad, and, of course, remaking Beijing itself for the 2008 Olympics. But it’s a strategy with some pitfalls. Kurt talks with Orville Schell, a journalist and ...

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Overseas Chinese

A generation of Chinese artists left the country in the 1980s and 90s. Some found great success in the west, but China still looms large in their minds. Lu Olkowski talks with artists about why calligraphy and ink drawing seem so 21st century.


Migrant Workers Lovesong

100 million Chinese have left rural homes to work in the booming cities of northern China. Their lives are hard, dangerous, and lonely. Songwriter Chen Xing wants to soothe their troubled minds. Produced by Gideon D’Arcangelo.

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Bonus Track: "Drifter's Song"

"Drifter's Song" from Chen Xing's album New Ballads for Migrant Workers. (Guangdong Provincial Record Co. Ltd.)

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Ang Lee

The director Ang Lee's new film, Lust, Caution, is set in World War II Shanghai, occupied by Japan. As if a Chinese movie by a Taiwanese director wasn’t edgy enough, the film is so erotic it made Lee himself intensely uncomfortable. Kurt talks with Lee ...

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