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Friday, December 28, 2007

Studio 360 Episode 852, Studio 360 Gold, rudolph book cover (mirandaceleste/flickr)

Studio 360 stops the suffering... from awful holiday music. Kurt Andersen brings you interviews and performances with some of the best musicians around. Featured artists include They Might Be Giants, ukuleleist Herb Ohta, singer Me'Shell Ndegeocello, and country music legend Willie Nelson.

They Might Be Giants

A few years ago Studio 360 spent the day at Coney Island with the Brooklyn-based indie rockers: They Might Be Giants. After a morning on the sand, they set up their instruments at the Coney Island Museum and they played this

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Boat of Car

They Might Be Giants perform another tune from Studio 360’s day at the beach.


Indian Brass Bands

When the British withdrew from India in the late 1940s, they left behind railroads, cricket, and... tubas. Rob Weisberg explains how the brass instruments cast off by the British army have become an integral part of India's musical culture.

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Pop Song Muses

Writing love letters takes courage, but it’s a little gutsier to write and perform songs about the object of your affection. Steve Nelson and Jocelyn Gonzales have their own takes on rock and roll's long love affair with that one special girl.


Me'Shell Ndegeocello

A singer, songwriter, bass virtuoso, and bandleader, Meshell Ndegeocello is unique in contemporary pop. Her 2005 album Dance of the Infidel features jazz heavyweights like Don Byron and Cassandra Wilson. Ngedeocello doesn’t care for interviews, but after years of trying, Ave Carrillo ...

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Brian and Gene

Rockabilly revivalist Brian Setzer was rummaging in the Sun Records vaults, looking for unknown gems he could cover. He struck gold with Gene Simmons' "Peroxide Blonde in a Hopped-Up Model Ford," but half the tune was missing, and Gene couldn't remember the other half. What's ...

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You've probably never heard the tiny Hawaiian guitar like this before. Herb Ohta and Lyle Ritz talk about working together on their album, Ukulele Jazz: Live at McCabe's. Produced by Steve Nelson.



Dub music is a remix style developed in Jamaica that takes just the rhythm track of a song, then lays on heavy reverb and avant-garde production effects. A few years ago Robert Cummings, a Canadian drummer living in Berlin, began to apply dub ideas to folk music ...


Willie Nelson

Country music legend Willie Nelson says that when he was a child, he heard a heavenly tune that's been under his skin ever since. Produced by Michael May.


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