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Fashion, Love, Guerra de la Paz

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Studio 360 Episode 906, Fashion, Love, Guerra de la Paz Cory Dargel

Studio 360 takes a chance on love and fashion. Fiona Chutney sashays through New York’s Fashion Week seeking outfit advice for Valentine’s Day. We reveal the winner of our contest for a custom-made love song created by indie popster Corey Dargel. Plus, love songs from India that will break your heart, even if you don’t speak Urdu.

Fiona Does Fashion

Twice a year in New York, clothing designers from around the world show their new collections to magazine editors, buyers, and celebrities. Studio 360 sent the off-kilter correspondent who goes by Fiona Chutney (performed by actress and writer Iris Bahr) to the tents at Bryant Park, where ...

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Custom-Made Love Song

Corey Dargel takes commissions to write personalized love songs. Last year, we offered listeners a chance to win one of these indie pop compositions. Listeners’ love stories poured in, and the letter from Teresa Walsh, from Santa Rosa, California, was selected as the winner.


Teresa and Katie

Teresa Walsh wanted a song for her twin sister Katie, who’d gone away for college. Corey Dargel took the details from Teresa’s note and made them a song. Studio 360 was there when Teresa surprised Katie with the finished product. With production by


Bonus Track: "My Voice Is in Your Head"

Corey Dargel's "My Voice Is in Your Head (for Katie from Teresa)"


My Poet / My Novelist

What’s it like to practice the same line of work as your spouse? What if you’re both writers, but one is a novelist -- in love with plot and character -- and one is a poet -- obsessed with words? Novelist Naeem Murr wrote about that marriage ...

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Guerra de la Paz

Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz are a pair of artists who live and work together in Miami. Their vibrant, room-sized installations look like hallucinations of landscapes -– and they are all built from discarded clothing. The duo keeps their garment ...



For hundreds of years, musicians from India and Pakistan have taken the poetry called ghazal and set it to music. The songs project such deep longing that you don’t need to know Urdu to feel the pain. Produced by Rob Weisberg.

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Bonus Track: "Soch Ka"

Kiran Ahluwalia's "Soch Ka" from her forthcoming album Wanderlust.


Forever 23

Kurt asked Corey Dargel to write a song for his wife, Anne Kreamer. Kurt surprises Anne in the studio with the big reveal, a song all about their first date 30 years ago.

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Bonus Track: "Had I Jumped"

Corey Dargel's "Had I Jumped (for Anne from Kurt)"


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