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Gondry, Silber, Baker

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Studio 360 Episode 910, Gondry, Silber, Baker Kurt Andersen reads his lines on the set of the re-imagined version of "The Big Lebowski" (Jenny Lawton)

Studio 360 gets tough. Kurt Andersen asks author John Silber, about architecture he considers absurd. S. Epatha Merkerson tells us how she plays the no nonsense "Law and Order" character, Lt. Anita van Buren. And when 360 leaves the office early to make a movie, Kurt does his own stunts.

The Big Gondry

Inspired by his new film "Be Kind Rewind," director Michel Gondry created a special exhibit of movie sets at the Deitch Projects art gallery in New York, where people can walk in and make their own movies. So Studio 360's Michele ...

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Well Suited

When WHYY's Jonathan Menjivar got ready to buy his first suit, he was nearly 30. It was for his wedding. Menjivar explores his adult experience with this classic adolescent rite of passage with Scott Sternberg, the owner and designer of Band of ...

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Why So Angry?

John Silber has titled his new book Architecture of the Absurd: How “Genius” Disfigured a Practical Art. When he was the president of Boston University, he dealt with a lot of building projects and he’s been known to rail against excesses in architectural cost and ...

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From Lieutenant to Lola

To see S. Epatha Merkerson be tough, just turn on a TV and look for "Law and Order"'s Lt. Anita Van Buren. But to see her smile, you’ll have to catch her in the Broadway revival of "Come Back, Little Sheba."


Nicholson Baker

According to Nicholson Baker, we’ve got World War II all wrong. For his new book Human Smoke, Baker scoured newspaper articles, interviews, and accounts of atrocities, and he tells Kurt that the case for the "good war" just doesn't add up.

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