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Hadron Collider, Price, Misrach

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Studio 360 Episode 938, LHC J&M Theresa Andersson Inside the ATLAS detector. The ATLAS experiment is designed to observe phenomena that involve particles which were not observable using lower-energy accelerators. (Courtesy of CERN)

Smashing atoms and colliding worlds. We try to wrap our brains around the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest particle accelerator, which revs up this summer. Writer Lydia Millet imagines a quantum accident at the Collider in a story, read by Martha Plimpton. On the Lower East Side of Manhattan, two worlds collide violently in Richard Price’s novel Lush Life. And, in time for the unofficial start of summer, the eerie and intense beach scenes of Richard Misrach.

When Particles Collide

This summer, in a 17-mile long tunnel outside Geneva, Switzerland, a particle accelerator called the Large Hadron Collider is gearing up to smash protons at nearly the speed of light. Physicists hope it will help solve mysteries of the universe and lead to an elusive Unified Theory. Studio ...

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Janna Levin

Kurt talks with a Columbia University astrophysicist who's eagerly awaiting data from the Large Hadron Collider. Janna Levin, also an author, wrote the historical novel A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines.

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Studio 360 commissioned the author Lydia Millet to write a short story inspired by the LHC's "grand opening." What happens if the worst happens? Millet's acclaimed 2005 novel Oh Pure and Radiant Heart was about the physicists who created the atom bomb. Actor

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Aha Moment: Mission of Burma

Danny Sagan, a listener, grew up in New Jersey listening to arena rock. One night, he tagged along to a grimy club across the river in Manhattan for an ear-splitting punk rock concert -- and it set him on the path to being an architect. ...

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Murder on the Lower East Side

Kurt and Richard Price wander through the gritty-turned-hipster neighborhood at the center of Price's novel Lush Life. Cultures clash violently in the book -- they visit the scene of the crime.

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On the Beach

Wall-sized color photographs of water, sky, sand, and bathers make up Richard Misrach's series On the Beach. Studio 360's Sarah Lilley discovered that Misrach's photos are more complicated than they look.


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