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Ellison, Omaha, Skateboard

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Studio 360 Episode 922, Ellison, Omaha, Skateboard Harlan Ellison (Roddy MacDowell)

Kurt talks with brash and cantankerous writer Harlan Ellison, the author of over 1,700 stories of speculative fiction. Then it’s Omaha or bust: Kurt finds that his Great Plains hometown has a vibrant indie rock, film, and visual arts scene. Plus a tribute to Aimee Mann, whose new record is @#%&*! Smilers.

Harlan Ellison

Over the last 50 years, he's written hundreds of short stories ("A Boy and His Dog"), several novels and movies and worked on TV shows like "The Man From UNCLE," the original Star Trek, and "The Outer Limits." But don't call him ...

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Bonus Track: Harlan Ellison uncut

Kurt's full interview with Harlan Ellison.

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Destination: Omaha

Kurt heads back to his hometown. No longer just beef and Warren Buffett, Kurt finds a vibrant indie rock, film, and visual arts scene there. Artists, politicians and philanthropists –- including filmmaker Alexander Payne and Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst –- tell ...

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Aimee Mann

She's been a singer songwriter since the New Wave era, and she got major recognition for her soundtrack to the 2000 movie "Magnolia." Her new album @#%&*! Smilers comes out next week. Studio 360’s Eric Molinsky has been following Aimee ...

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Bonus Track:
"Going Through the Motions"

Aimee Mann performs the song live in Studio 360.


Bonus Track:
"She Really Wants You"

Aimee Mann performs the song live in Studio 360.


Design for the Real World: Skateboard

Lately writer Philip Nobel has been obsessing over skateboards, specifically long boards: a sleek update to the wide "trick"-oriented boards popular in the 80s and 90s.

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WEIGH IN: Studio 360 Survey

If you had the skills or talent to switch jobs and your career -- right now -- to become a musician, painter, filmmaker, actor, singer, playwright or novelist, and you would earn at least as much money as you do now, would you do it?

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