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WALL-E, Waterfalls, Batman

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Studio 360 Episode 1008, WALL-E, The Class, Kweller Still image from the Disney/Pixar film "WALL-E" (Wall-E (© Disney Enterprises Inc./Pixar))

Studio 360 falls for summer blockbusters. Meet the genius behind sound effects in the new Pixar film "Wall-E." A victim of "viral marketing" explains how he got psyched for next month’s Batman movie. And we take a boat ride with an international art star, Olafur Eliasson, as he inspects his enormous art project in New York Harbor: four man-made waterfalls, ten stories high.

I Speak Robot

Ben Burtt created some of the most famous sounds in movies, including R2D2’s mechanical chatter and the whir of the light saber. Burtt is also the voice of WALL-E, the starring robot in Pixar’s new animated movie. Kurt talks to Burtt about the movie and ...

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Listener Challenge: Name That Sound!

In what movie did this sound appear?
And how did Ben Burtt make it?

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Cityside Waterfalls

Danish art star Olafur Eliasson wanted to reconnect New Yorkers with their waterfront. At a cost of $15 million, Eliasson has designed four massive waterfalls, ten stories high, in New York Harbor. He took Studio 360's Pejk Malinovski on a boat ride ...

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Patient and Portraitist

David Welch blogs about living with brain cancer. On his site, you’ll find a section called "Tumor Art" with a series of striking portraits of him in different stages of treatment, by the artist Rosemary Feit Covey. Karen Sosnoski talked ...

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Holy Viral Marketing, Batman!

When a Hollywood studio wants to generate buzz for a blockbuster, TV ads and billboards don't cut it. The folks behind "Batman: The Dark Knight" (opening July 18th) took a sneakier route. Studio 360's Eric Molinsky was a recent target.

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Vanity Cardshark

TV producer Chuck Lorre created "Dharma and Greg" and "Two and a Half Men." He’s taken advantage of a tiny piece of real estate at the end of the broadcast to post 200-word rants. They flash by in an instant, so Kurt ...

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Bonus Track: Censored!

Chuck Lorre reads Vanity Card #198, which was censored by CBS.



The movie "Caramel" tells the story of five very different women living in Beirut. Writer, director, and star Nadine Labaki set the film in a beauty parlor, and paints a bittersweet portrait of everyday life in the Middle East. Produced by Studio 360’s


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