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Friday, June 27, 2008

David Welch blogs about living with brain cancer. On his site, you’ll find a section called "Tumor Art" with a series of striking portraits of him in different stages of treatment, by the artist Rosemary Feit Covey. Karen Sosnoski talked to Welch and Feit Covey about their unlikely collaboration.

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Karen Sosnoski

Comments [3]

Nubar from Arlington, VA

This is a nice piece showing the importance of art and the use of collaboration to find an interpretation that has meaning for both artist and model.

I'm struck by the feeling I get by Rosemary's depiction of David's eyes in her work. I feel a range of emotion from hope to fear and feel I'm getting a glimmer of what David is facing in his life.

More info on interviewer Karen Sosnoski at:

Jun. 27 2008 01:51 PM
Nike from Falls Church

David(through his brain tumor experience and writing)and Rosemary(through her art) make powerful impacts in different ways. The bottom line is that they reach deep and illuminate the fragile, quixotic state of our existence. Granted it's not always cheerful's raw and dark, but it's real.

Jun. 27 2008 01:01 PM
David Welch from Falls Church, VA

I appreciate your inclusion of this interview on Studio 360. I have listened to Studio 360 for many years, and I am glad to see this exploration of the cause of brain cancer.

Who would have thought that art would be so effective for communications? It shows the power of Rosemary's work.

Jun. 26 2008 10:36 PM

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