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Spore, Burning Man, Malkovich

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Studio 360 Episode 937, Spore, Burning Man, Malkovich SPORE (EA/Maxis)

Studio 360 creates life. Will Wright, game designer and creator of the Sims, shows Kurt how his new game Spore lets players control the evolution of their very own species. Correspondent “Fiona Chutney” (a character played by performer Iris Bahr) tries to get loose at this year’s Burning Man festival. And John Malkovich stops by to talk about his role in the new Coen Brothers film “Burn After Reading.”

You Say You Want an Evolution

The new computer game “Spore” lets users create single-celled microbes and, as the game progresses, they “evolve” into complex creatures and highly developed civilizations. The game’s creator, Will Wright, who also invented “The Sims,” weighs in on the intelligent design debate, and gives ...


Disco Inferno

Every year at summer’s end, a ragtag community of free spirits gathers in the Nevada desert for Burning Man.

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Greek Revival

What did the music of ancient Greece sound like? Pottery shards and scraps of papyrus are the only clues we have. As Richard Paul discovered, there’s a passionate group of classics scholars and musicians trying to fill in the blanks and revive the ...


John Malkovich

From costume dramas to postmodern classics, the actor doesn’t worry too much about being typecast. John Malkovich tells Kurt about the delight of finally playing a character more pretentious than himself in the Coen Brothers' new comedy “Burn After Reading.”


Design for the Real World: Water Bottle

Early humans hollowed out gourds to carry their water. Today we drink melted icebergs housed in crystal-studded bottles. Is this progress? Elizabeth Royte tracks the evolution of the water bottle. Produced by Catherine Epstein.


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