Urim & Thummim


Friday, October 03, 2008

A man walks into a Goodwill store and walks out with an oracle that communicates the will of God. Not a bad find for 69 cents. The documentary “Urim & Thummim” tells the true story of Todd Walker, the finder of this purported relic, and his quixotic mission to share his treasure with the world. Produced by Matthew Cavnar.

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Matthew Cavnar

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Yoram from Jerusalem, Israel

I was listening to this podcast while driving to a business meeting. When I got there I told the client, an orthodox Jew, what I heard about the movie and asked him what is the Urim & Tummim. This is what he said:

The Urim & Tummim is a rectangular object with facets about the size of a pinky finger. It has 12 areas on it, each inscribed with a name of one of the 12 tribes. It was kept by the high priest of the Jewish temple, around his chest area. The Urim & Tummim was used to answer questions brought to it by the king or by other leaders. The answers were composed of the Hebrew letters of the names of the 12 tribes inscribed on it. Since the destruction of the temple, it is believed that the Urim & Tummim is hidden (like other sacred objects of the Jewish temple) in the tunnels beneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Temple Mount is indeed full of these tunnels but thorough excavations are not possible due to the political and religious tensions around the Temple Mount site (Al Aksa, the Muslim holy site, is standing there today).

The movie is probably very interesting, wether this object is the Urim and Tummim or not. I wish it will be screened here in Jerusalem.

Oct. 30 2008 04:26 PM
todd walker from kentucky

Dear Friends of the science and archaeology world,
We have a new discovery in this world today.I am glad to be part of it.It's going to take some professional peoples to help me, and the peoples to understand just what it means.We have to figure out what these picture etchings mean.We have to desifer them carefully. It's going to be grueling but interesting and fun.I hope when someone in the science world sees what I'm talking about that they will be willing to help with this task.After all who would'nt want their name on a major discovery in this world.If you are up for this task please email me so we can get started.

May God Bless You All,
Todd walker

Oct. 08 2008 09:54 AM
todd walker from kentucky

Dear H in New Jersey,
Thank you for your time and showing interest in this unusual subject.I know there are a lot of unanswered questions to be addressed here.First of all, the breastplate is what the high priest
wore on the outside of his holy attire.If you read about the UT in exodus you will find that it says within his ephod there was a pocket.That is where the UT was kept.Aaron was the first high priest to be blessed with this holy sacred object.You can read ex.19;24 and God tells Moses to bring Aaron up to the mountain with him.It is at this time that I personally believe that this is when Aaron was blessed with this UT.If anyone can tell me any other reason please do.It does not say why Aaron was to come with Moses.But I believe this is the reason.This subject is an another awesome story in the bible.Although it don't say a whole lot about it.
I can tell you too that there are minute etchings all over the outside of this object too.Myself,I believe that together they all tell a most important story.There's not a human hand or computer that can even come close to imatating this object.You see the UT was something the high priest looked into to get answers from God.It was'nt the 12 stones on the breast plate that he looked at.The 12 stones are representation of the 12 tribes of Israel.

Oct. 06 2008 10:08 AM
H in New Jersey from New Jersey

I wonder how he reconciles the shape and dimensions of this object with the breastplate the Jewish high priest wore, as described in the Bible, into which the Urim Ve'Tumim was inserted.

Although the Urim Ve'Tumim is not described, nor is there much about it in later Jewish sources, the breastplate is extensively described. This doesn't seem like it would fit, nor does it seem to fit with the somewhat sketchy later sources.

A few other details are important:
No one but a Jewish priest who had undergone a ritual to divide him from the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual influence of death was permitted to touch the breastplate and its contents. Anyone else who touched it was guilty of a capital crime.

Only the high priest was able to gaze into the gems on the breastplate and interpret their illumination. He did not gaze at the Urim Ve'Tumim. Together with the breastplate, it was not an oraclular object, rather, it was powered by the person of the high priest, his mind, his development.

It's hard to credit that this is the Urim Ve'Tumim, since all the articles of the Tabernacle, of which the Urim Ve'Tumim was a part, were concealed around the time of the destruction of the first Jewish Temple. How can we authenticate this object as the original Urim Ve'Tumim? None of the Tabernacle's parts have ever reappeared. (The candleabra depicted on the Arch of Titus is not an image of the Tabernacle's candelabra.)

Oct. 05 2008 08:23 PM
Sara Roseman from Alabama

This is so interesting. How could one access this movie? I doubt it is available on Netflix!

Oct. 05 2008 10:51 AM
JD from Idaho

Ok, I just heard about this and this is really weird. I am a Mormon, and our religion is based on the prophecies of Joseph Smith, born in 1820 in New York. He translated the Book of Mormon using what he called a Urim and Thummim. Where does this name come from? He described the U & T in detail, and it is somewhat different than the image shown in this movie, but he also describes peering into it and receiving revelation. This is cool.

Oct. 04 2008 03:03 PM
Harmony Korine

"This was my favorite film of the year...Their's a religion and prophecy i can get with."

Oct. 03 2008 06:49 PM
Brown Rabbit Tanning

"Who am i to doubt that...those of us in the audience were witnessing the very dawn of a brand new fatih?"

Oct. 03 2008 06:48 PM

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