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Recessionista, Cohan, Flower

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Studio 360 Episode 1012, Recessionista, Cohan, Flower After getting laid-off from her investment bank job, Christine Marchuska decided to dive into a creative career as a fashion designer (Keith Lew, klewfoto)

Meet the recession's new creative class. The finance industry laid them off, but now they're full-time artists. William Cohan's account of Bear Stearns' demise, House of Cards, tells us a lot about this tough time. "Flower," a popular new videogame, just says no to guns. And deep in the Virginia woods, we go deer hunting with a poet.


Late last year, after getting laid-off from her investment bank job, Christine Marchuska decided to dive into a creative career as a fashion designer. Produced by Gretta Cohn.

Weigh in: Short of work and pursuing a new passion?

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House of Cards

The fall of the investment bank Bear Stearns can tell us a lot about how we ended up in the current recession. Writer and former banker William Cohan gives Kurt his take on the narrative of the new economy. Cohan's new book is House of ...


Finance Guy Goes Stand-Up

For years Michael Terry led a double life. He never revealed to his colleagues at his finance job that he was doing stand-up comedy at night. Now a full-time comic, he's coming clean about his banking past. Produced by Gretta Cohn.

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Biochemist David Baker helped create a computer game called "Foldit" that thousands are playing around the world. But it's not about commercial success. Baker wants to analyze the structure of proteins, and it turns out that humans are a lot smarter at this than supercomputers. The ...

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Videogames' New Wave

Jenova Chen is breaking open the head of videogame design. Instead of stealing cars and waging war, he wants players to commune with nature. Kurt talks with Chen about his new game "Flower" -- the #1 downloaded game in February for Playstation 3.

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Good Poet Hunting

John Casteen IV teaches poetry at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. He's also an avid hunter. Jesse Dukes went deep into the woods with Casteen to track deer and talk poetry.


Bonus Track: "Night Hunting"

John Casteen reads the poem, from his new book Free Union (Ploughshares).

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Rent Party

The City Reliquary, a scrappy little storefront museum in Brooklyn, decided to try out a Depression-era method for fundraising: a rent party, 1930's style. Produced by Ann Hepperman and Kara Oehler.


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Mike from New Jersey

You guys didn't show both sides of the COPA issue.
This is going to lead to the censoring of the internet!

Nov. 19 2011 07:14 AM

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