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Piano Man, Recession Style, Heist

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Studio 360 Episode 1013, Piano Man, Recession Style, Heist "Portrait of a Lady and Gentleman in Black" by Rembrandt. In 1990, it was stolen by two men along with 12 other works of art in the largest unsolved art heist in history. (Photo provided by Isabella Gardner Museum, Boston)

Two men pull off one of the biggest art thefts in history, and crime writer Ulrich Boser thinks he's nailed them. Sci-fi meets soul in the music of Janelle Monáe. Designers respond to the recession. Plus, a visit with the piano doctor of Malibu, who's also Kurt's brother.

The Gardner Heist

Nineteen years ago in Boston, two guys wearing fake police uniforms walked into the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum and an hour later walked out with masterpieces worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The FBI is still looking for the crooks and the stolen art, but reporter

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Janelle Monáe

Amid the 1900 bands who played the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas last weekend, Janelle Monáe stood out from the crowd. She's a funk-soul singer who fills her tunes with sci-fi and robot references. Her new album is Metropolis: The Chase Suite. Studio 360’s

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Recession Design

With fewer customers these days for new desks and kitchenware, manufacturers are nervous. Industrial and product designers are on the case. They're trying to come up with new designs that directly respond to the public’s mood. Produced by Kaomi Goetz.

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To Be Thrifty Is Clever, The Crime Is To Look It

The fashion writer Lynn Yaeger wondered what kind of advice the high-end fashion magazines were giving their readers during the Great Depression. So she plowed through some old issues of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for some style hints for the economically-challenged.

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Recession Pop

Movie ticket sales are up. Book buyers can't get enough of Malcolm Gladwell. What makes pop entertainment recession-proof? Jocelyn Gonzales looks into which films, books, and music are popular when economic times are tough.


From Desktop to Stovetop

Last year Marc Matsumoto got laid off from his marketing job at a technology company. So he decided it was time to embrace his passion: cooking. Produced by Gretta Cohn.


Piano Man

Kurt's brother David Andersen went to L.A. to pursue rock n' roll thirty years ago, but today he's one of the top piano technicians in southern California. Now rock stars are his clients, along with film composers and jazz musicians. Produced by Studio 360's Derek ...

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