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Gay flag, Hip-hop, Spektor

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Studio 360 Episode 1026, Gay Flag, Hip-Hop, Spektor Circle Flag, Gay Flag Redesign Challenge (Worldstudio)

Forty years after Stonewall, where is gay culture today? The design firm Worldstudio rethinks the rainbow flag. Gay rappers struggle for acceptance in the LGBT and hip-hop worlds. A decade after "Will and Grace," where are the non-sidekick gay characters on TV? And later, singer-songwriter Regina Spektor performs songs from her new album, Far.

Reimagining the Rainbow

The rainbow flag was designed in 1978 for a gay parade in San Francisco and over the last 30 years it has become the global symbol for gay pride. If the flag were designed in 2009, ...

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Homo Hop

Historically when homosexuality has come up in rap lyrics, it's been as a slur. But a new sub-genre of hip-hop by gay artists is starting to catch on. Rappers like Shorty Roc, Deadlee, and Mélange Lavonne call it "homo hop," and they're fighting for ...

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Bonus Track: "I'm a Rapper"

"I'm a Rapper" by Shorty Roc. Warning: explicit content.

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Bonus Track: "Gay Bash"

"Gay Bash" from Mélange Lavonne's album The Movement.


Queer TV

It's been more than a decade since Ellen DeGeneres came out on her sitcom and "Will and Grace" premiered. So how is television doing with the portrayal of non-straight people in 2009? Comedian Judy Gold tries to answer that question and tells Kurt, "I want a show about ...

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Mizrahi Picks a Winner

Dozens of listeners submitted ideas to Studio 360's Flickr page for the gay flag redesign challenge. And fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi picks his favorite.

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Regina Spektor

On Regina Spektor's new record, "Far," she gets seriously existential - mentioning God 33 times in the first single, "Laughing With." She performs that song live in the studio and talks with Kurt about life, the universe, and everything.

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Why a "Gay" flay at all. Is there a "Straight" flag?

Jul. 06 2011 12:47 PM

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