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Chali 2na, Del Close, Art Stars

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Studio 360 Episode 1033, Chali 2na, Del Close, Art Stars Chali 2na (© 2009 Nabil Elderkin)

Studio 360 brings the revolution to the radio. Underground hip-hop star Chali 2na explains why lately, oil painting is as important to him as rapping. The Black Panther poster artist Emory Douglas gets a museum retrospective. Stars pay tribute to the late improv comedy guru Del Close. And we join the line at the casting call for a new reality show looking for America's next top artist.

Chali 2na

LA's underground hip-hop act Jurassic 5 brought tunefulness and fun back to '90s hip-hop. Chali 2na, one of the founders of that group, talks with Kurt about his new solo album and his work as a visual artist. 2na says that writing lyrics is a lot ...

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Emory Douglas

He was trained as an advertising illustrator - but as the minister of culture for the Black Panthers, he used those skills to agitate for revolution. Douglas has mellowed a bit since his days designing posters featuring machine guns. Kurt met up with Douglas at a


Blowin' in the Phone

The blockbuster iPhone app called Ocarina lets you play music by blowing into the phone. Its inventor, Ge Wang, thinks that the more people playing music, the better; but even he is a little nervous about the impact of technology on people's lives. Produced by

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Godfather of Improv

Comedian Del Close rarely appeared on TV or in movies, but it was under his guidance that comedy superstars like Bill Murray, John Belushi, and Tina Fey learned the art of unflinching, uneasy humor. Ed Zareh sheds light on Close's unique gifts as a master teacher.

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America's Next Top Artist

The Bravo network is planning a new reality series that pits artist against artist in a competition for a national gallery tour. We sent Henry Alford to a casting call to talk strategy with the art star hopefuls. With production by Owen Agnew.

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