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Green, Kudrow, Stew

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Studio 360 Episode 1034, Green, Kudrow, Stew George Dawes Green (Nick Cardillicchio)

This week in Studio 360, pop go the pundits. "Auto-Tune the News" transforms wonky political speech and news anchor chatter into infectious pop music; the secret's in the software. Novelist George Dawes Green returns after a 14-year silence with his thriller Ravens. "Friends" alum Lisa Kudrow discovers life after Phoebe. And Stew, the creator of the musical "Passing Strange," tells Kurt about his teenaged escape from L.A. for bohemian Berlin.

The Page-Turner Returns

After writing two bestselling thrillers, George Dawes Green took a 14 year break. Now he's back with the suspense novel Ravens. "I love to write about urgent perilous situations," he tells Kurt, "because I think in those situations people's humanity will be revealed."


Auto-Tune the News

Take ordinary news footage and political commentary, send it through a software tool that makes you sound like a robot, and you have a viral internet hit. That's what the band The Gregory Brothers did with their series "Auto-Tune the News." Certain politicians and anchors are ...


The Class

Just out on DVD, "The Class" is French film that looks so real, you might think it's a documentary. The screenplay is based on a memoir by a teacher – who also stars in the movie. Sarah Elzas talked with the film's director,


Five Years After Phoebe

Lisa Kudrow didn't start out wanting to be an actor: she studied sociobiology in college and wanted to become a researcher. Plans changed, and she spent ten years playing flighty Phoebe on "Friends." Over the years she became more like her character: "I lost a ...


Passing Strange

Mark Stewart ("Stew"), created a Tony-winning rock musical about a black teen who leaves LA to become an artist in Berlin. He talks with Kurt about the show, which takes on race, identity, and mother-son relationships. Spike Lee's film version opens this weekend.

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