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Cash, ArtPrize, Tim Page

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Studio 360 Episode 1039, Cash ArtPrize, Tim Page Roseanne Cash (Deborah Feingold)

Studio 360, Cash and prizes. Rosanne Cash's late father Johnny made a list of his favorite country songs for her; now she's recorded her own versions of these American classics. This fall in Grand Rapids, MI $250,000 will be awarded to one lucky artist. We meet the founder of ArtPrize and some of its participants. And for music critic Tim Page, Asperger's Syndrome was the key to a brilliant career.

Rosanne Cash's List

When she was 18, Rosanne Cash's father Johnny gave her a list of "100 Essential Country Songs" she had to learn. Now decades after she was handed that sheet of yellow legal paper from the man in black, those tunes are the basis for her new album, ...

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Bonus Track: “Long Black Veil”

From Rosanne Cash’s new album The List (EMI).

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Rick DeVos

This October, one lucky artist will win the top award at the ArtPrize contest in Grand Rapids, Michigan: $250,0000. Rick De Vos, grandson of the founder of Amway, created the competition and donated the prize money. He tells Kurt why he wanted to bring ...

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More than 1,200 artists representing every genre -- from music to sculpture to poetry -- are presenting their work at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. The public chooses the winner. But as Michigan Radio's Jennifer Guerra discovered, to get votes, you need a plan to get noticed.


Aha Moment: Origami

Listener Ben Coleman used to teach math, so he is no stranger to geometry. But it wasn't until he discovered a book of origami and began creating shapes of his own that his passion for geometric forms was truly realized. Produced by Nick Heling.

Has ...

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Teatro Indocumentado

After the largest immigration raid in history at a meat-packing plant in Iowa last year, several undocumented workers await deportation. While in limbo these men are reenacting their stories on stage. Produced by Andrew Stelzer.

Watch a scene from "La Historia de Nuestras Vidas" below.

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Tim Page

Pulitzer Prize-winning music critic Tim Page always knew that he was different. It wasn't until his 40's that he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. Page's new memoir, Parallel Play, looks back at his life and how the syndrome was an asset ...

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Bonus Track: Tim Page interviews Glenn Gould

WNYC's New, Old, and Unexpected, August 1982.


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