The Science of Time Travel


Friday, January 01, 2010

David Goldberg teaches physics at Drexel University. In A User's Guide to the Universe, he explains how time travel might be possible. He tells Kurt why the skeptics are wrong: "It's certainly within the realm of what we know about how the universe works."  


David Goldberg

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J.J.Madson from Alive in History-on the Earth

Hello, I have an aquaintance at the U. of Ct. His name is Mallot. He is a Proffesser in Physics (many,many degrees). He is actively working on a time machine and is working on the Proof of
Concept. ....Linear time, Let us just say (for societies' sake) that a theorectical photon, unimpeded and from the 'center', is at a particular distance from its' formation location. That is considered to be Time. It is however never to be dismissed that it is mechanical duration which allows Time to be Time, or for that matter for the Time of anything....for sci-fi....What is interesting is that Time doesn't change just because an objects' speed varies. Though some would like you think that it does. I can be in a net-ftl (non exhaust thrust-faster than light 'spacecraft') and my time is mine. Going so fast that the question of Time becomes mute. Instantanaity is not possible, there is time in everything since it has size.
Travelling at speeds you would consider sci-fi now, but will be common in the future, allows for distances to be covered rapidly...... For one of your future shows "Should people, amass, be 'allowed' the machines to go ftl?" Just for the sakes of arguments. If not amass, then what? Commerical net-ftl for ALL. Remember Human History with every new machine or process. That will occur again unless the 'Amass' learns Capitalism/Ayn Rand/Von Mises style and it is implemented world wide.
That can be achieved by having an Honest Vote. People are rational, honest and good. Un-intimidated decisions for the ballot box. (Now wouldn't that be a problem for NPR ETC.).....Oh well, I enjoyed your show.....

Jan. 02 2010 09:16 AM

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