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Chieftains, Applebroog, Goldberger

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Studio 360 Episode 1111, Chieftains, Applebroog, Goldberger The High Line is a new promenade-style park 30 feet above Manhattan's streets. (Michael Guerriero)

Kurt Andersen talks with the Chieftains' Paddy Moloney about the band's new record, San Patricio. It pays tribute to the real-life battalion of Irish-American soldiers who deserted the U.S. Army to fight for the Mexicans. An artist in her eighties rediscovers drawings she did forty years ago. In the Utah desert, a scrappy team of scientists attempts to simulate life on Mars. And The New Yorker's architecture critic Paul Goldberger gets us to look at the city in a whole new way.

The City From Three Stories Up

Architecture critic Paul Goldberger's new book is called Why Architecture Matters. To talk about that idea, Kurt and Paul headed to the High Line, a formerly dilapidated train track thirty feet above the street that was recently transformed into an extraordinary public park.




Life on Mars

Though President Obama has spoken of a new commitment to NASA, getting humans to Mars still looks a long way off. Undeterred, a group of scientists and engineers created the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah to simulate life on the red planet. We sent reporter


My Speech to the Martians

Jack Handey is a pro when it comes to interplanetary relations. In this essay from his collection What I’d Say to the Martians: And Other Veiled Threats, the humorist has some tough love for our enemies.

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The Chieftains

After forty-eight years making music together, the Chieftains are always on the lookout for surprising collaborations. On their latest album, San Patricio, they mix it up with the finest Mexican folk musicians as well as Ry Cooder and Linda Ronstadt to tell ...

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Ida Applebroog

In 1969, Ida Applebroog was a middle-aged mother of four who escaped to the bathroom and sketched parts of her own body. She's recently unearthed the drawings and made them part of a gallery installation and catalog. Kurt talks with her about how she ...

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