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Alec Baldwin, Linney, Karr

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Studio 360 Episode 1113, Hot Rods, Low Riders, Chali 2na Alec Baldwin (Brigitte Lacombe)

Guest host Alec Baldwin talks with the actor Laura Linney and the writer Mary Karr. From movie roles to Broadway, Linney confesses she's constantly up against an odd problem: she's too likeable. The modern memoir owes a lot to Mary Karr, but she's reluctant to admit her impact on the genre. And a custom greeting card writer explains how he whips up the perfect card for any situation.

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Alec Baldwin

Laura Linney

Laura Linney starred in the indie film gems, "You Can Count on Me," and "The Savages," but her first love is the theater. This weekend she wraps up her Broadway appearance as an injured war photographer in Donald Margulies's "Time Stands Still." ...

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Greeting Card Emergency

David Ellis Dickerson cut his teeth as a greeting card writer at Hallmark HQ. Now he specializes in custom greeting cards for difficult situations, such as a September 11th birthday and an apology for breaking a friend's toilet at a party. Produced by Studio 360's Sarah ...


Mary Karr

Mary Karr's new book, Lit, is the third in a series of memoirs. She tells Alec Baldwin about getting to the truth in her writing. She also talks about recovering from alcoholism and developing a spiritual life, and reads from her poem, "

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Mary Karr: "Chosen Blindness"

Karr reads the entire poem from her collection, Viper Rum.


Happy Birthday, Chopin

"His music seems to fall from heaven," says Garrick Ohlsson of Frederic Chopin. As we mark the composer's 200th birthday, Ohlsson talks to WNYC's Sara Fishko about Chopin's influence on classical piano music.

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Jane McCormick, a/ka/ Gwen Guiss from New York City

Dear Mr. Baldwin,

You and I did six shows together on 30 Rock - you as the the star, I as Rip Torn's wife, Gwen Guiess. You may not remember, but I remember the privilege of working with you on everyshow. You may or may not remember my asking when we would see you again on Broadway and now my dream has come true.

If possible, I would love to see you in Orphans. I would love two tickets, full price, no freebies, to see you once again on Broadway. The last time I saw you was A Streetcar Named Desire. You brought such humor and threat to Stanley that I was blown away.

Jane McCormick

Mar. 26 2013 01:22 PM

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