Medicated Holden

Radio Drama

Friday, April 23, 2010

What would Holden Caulfield be like if he took antidepressants? Actor Brian Vincent plays Holden in Eric Molinsky's satire.


Eric Molinsky

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[Clearly I listened to this first before listening to the other part of the story, b/c I was excited by the connection. Rectifying that now...if Itunes had worked I wouldn't have had this problem. :-)]

Apr. 22 2010 07:02 PM

My bookclub was just discussing this last night!

What an interesting interpretation. As one of those for whom anti-depressants have been very helpful (I found the right one and the only problem is their expense--no side effects), I appreciated that you let Holden actually improve from the drugs.

I also liked the fact that his questions about ducks was totally legitimized. Think what Caufield could have done with the internet!

The spiffy conclusion, though, left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. It seemed to be lending a bit of credibility to the argument that anti-depressants take away great art by homogenizing everything and taking away the substance of artists' work by taking away their (our?) misery. Would Caufield updated be as interesting a character as Caufield the original? Or does a contemporary author need to write a new book with a compelling character for this time?

Apr. 22 2010 06:56 PM

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