Introducing Norman Bates


Friday, June 11, 2010

Throughout the 1950s, reports of sex crime and pathological murder rattled America. "Psycho" both exploits and "explains" one such murder, with a rather heavy-handed psychiatrist. But beyond the screeching violins and the risque shower scene, the movie's real legacy is that Hitchcock makes us care so much about a deranged killer. Produced by WNYC's Sarah Montague.

    Music Playlist
  1. Psychodrama 13 Variations
    Artist: Melissa Grey
    Album: Psychodrama 13 Variations
    Label: Courtesy Melissa Grey
    Purchase: Amazon
  2. L'Hotel Particulier
    Artist: Serge Gainsbourg
    Album: Histoire de Melodie Nelson
    Label: HIP-O/Fontana
    Purchase: Amazon


Sarah Montague

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