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July 4th Redesigned, Jason Moran

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Friday, July 02, 2010

Studio 360 Episode 1127, July 4th Redesigned, Jason Moran July 4th Redesign Challenge (Colby Brooks)

Studio 360 celebrates America's 234th birthday. We commission a makeover for Uncle Sam, and the indie band The Apples in stereo plays Kurt Andersen a new national anthem. Jazz pianist Jason Moran explains how he's influenced by everything from hip-hop to traditional quilts, and he plays live for us in the studio. Plus, music pioneer Laurie Anderson reveals some mysteries behind her new record Homeland.

Fourth of July Redesign Challenge

Across the land listeners answered our call to rethink these American symbols. Pop music critic Will Hermes suggests replacements for the national anthem. Kate Bingaman-Burt enlists h...

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The Apples in stereo's "Beauty of America"

Robert Schneider of The Apples in stereo wrote music and lyrics for a brand new national anthem, created just for us.

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Aha Moment: Pinocchio

Robert Braczyk has always been handy, working first as cabinetmaker and then as a sculptor for 25 years. But there was one profession he always wanted: Toymaker. And it all started with seeing Geppetto's workshop in Walt Disney's Pinocchio.


Jason Moran

Pianist Jason Moran tells Kurt how he's always drawn inspiration from unlikely sources, from avant-garde and hip-hop to modern painting and rural quilts. Moran also performs songs from his new album, Ten, live in the studio.


Bonus Track: "Blue Blocks"

Jason Moran performs the track from his album, Ten, live in Studio 360.


Laurie Anderson

From a car horn symphony, to an artist residency with NASA, to Tuvan throat-singing, the performance artist Laurie Anderson has no boundaries when it comes to making music. Now, with four decades of composing and performing behind her, Anderson tells Kurt about her new album Homeland, ...


Bonus Track: from "Delusions"

Laurie Anderson performs a piece from her new show, "Delusions," live in Studio 360.

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