Amanda Palmer's Magical Ukulele

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Amanda Palmer, best known as the front-woman of the punk cabaret band The Dresden Dolls, just released an album of covers where she re-imagines Radiohead's dour electro-rock with cheery ukulele. She performs live in our studio and tells Kurt that the collision between light and dark is where magic really happens.

    Music Playlist
  1. Modern Moonlight
    Artist: The Dresden Dolls
    Album: Yes, Virginia
    Label: Roadrunner Records
    Purchase: Amazon
  2. Coin Operated Boy
    Artist: The Dresden Dolls
    Album: The Dresden Dolls
    Label: Roadrunner Records
    Purchase: Amazon


Amanda Palmer

Comments [8]

Mark Heyman from NJ

Thanks Kurt. Revisiting this for the hundredth time or so. Pretty sure the any flatness I heard was intentional, emotional, tasteful and appropriate. To each his own. Scott & Skizz? Someone else doing something doesn't change this performance. Perhaps if Mike doesn't like em, I should check em out!

Feb. 23 2014 10:50 PM

I agree with those who found it pretentious and annoying. I've *heard* of the Dresden Dolls, but really don't know anything about them or Amanda Palmer. I do know I've had quite enough of people pretending they've got something new and exciting by doing precious ukelele songs. I guess she was trying to temper the preciousness by doing Radiohead covers. Like that would be such a contradicition that everyone's heads would explode from the awesomeness. That makes it all the more gag-worthy.

Aug. 05 2010 02:44 PM
chris from WRIR

Where can I find the last song she played on the uke?

It was extremely entertaining and I would like to share it with everyone.

Aug. 04 2010 02:10 PM
Mike White from Westland, MI

Wow! Radiohead on a uke? I never would have thought of that. Oh, wait... I guess I did see the Awkward Sounds of Scott & Skizz do this and a lot of other songs five or six years ago...

More talent and no pretension!

Aug. 03 2010 01:31 PM
John S. from New Jersey

A couple of quick comments wrt Amanda Palmer:
Fantastic music, great interview with a smart, funny, and talented woman. There are few things that feel better than stumbling over an artist that I haven't seen or heard of, ESPECIALLY when the new (to me) artist already has put together a sizable body of work.
I was lucky enough to pick up a Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" a while back(I was looking for a book by another author, suggested by a friend and picked up American Gods by mistake.....LUCKY mistake!)Since then he's become a favorite of mine. I} could have made this note MUCH less long winded by saying thanks for the tip......Thanks for the tip.
One more comment: I'm wondering if the first two comments were made by people without knobs* on their radios?
*(I have to give George Carlin Credit for the KNOB thing)

Aug. 02 2010 01:01 PM
sharon Payne

I think she is absolutely amazing. I was bowled over by her performance. subtle and moving.

Aug. 01 2010 09:28 PM

Palmer is a rancid, utterly tedious joke. How could Kurt keep a straight face during this fiasco? Ugh - logrolling at its absolute worst.

Aug. 01 2010 01:04 PM
Steve Louis from Cambridge, MA

Goodness, that was truly annoying! Not only was Amanda Palmer's singing horribly flat, but she persisted well past the point of pain. Even my usually low-key dog was showing signs of stress.
It will take time for me to recover from this musical train wreck.

Aug. 01 2010 11:28 AM

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