American Icons, The Listener Pick: “Dallas”


Friday, November 19, 2010

For our American Icons series this fall, we've looked at nine different great works, but we've also been asking listeners to suggest what our tenth should be. Laura Detre, a listener in Pittsburgh, suggested the television show "Dallas.”

    Music Playlist
  1. Theme From Dallas
    Artist: Jerrold Immel
    Album: Dallas (television series)
    Label: Warner Bros. Television
  2. Theme From Dallas (Original Dance-Version)
    Artist: Paul McDouglas
    Album: Theme From Dallas (Original Dance-Version)
    Label: ZYX Records

Comments [2]

Dr Jack Dempsey from Stoneham MA

As a great American book I suggest "New English Canaan" by Thomas Morton of "Merrymount" (1637)---the notoriously observant and satirical portrait of the original America by a Renaissance man who loved it here; who prospered through a (yes) multicultural approach to the land and its Native peoples; and who---although the "Pilgrims" and Puritans threw him out of the country THREE times---kept coming back, and turns out to be (again, yes) America's First Poet in English.

Morton's "Canaan" is a 3-part portrait of Native American cultures, which he admired; a catalog of America's beauty and potentials; and a hilarious guide on how NOT to colonize that earned him the title of America's First Rascal.

Last year, Mass. Governor Deval Patrick issued a Proclamation recognizing Morton's many achievements---and his story is a jaw-dropping re-education of what America was and still can be.

Feb. 25 2012 11:30 AM
CJ Daubert from Davis, CA

I would like to suggest the Beach Boys group as an American Icon. I would vote for them over Dallas.

Nov. 21 2010 12:53 AM

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