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Hot Rods, Low Riders, Chali 2na

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Studio 360 Episode 1153, Hot Rods, Low Riders, Chali 2na It doesn't get more Americana than this. Folks of all ages come together to have a shake, share some fries, and hop in a new friend's ride to cruise the strip. (Nick Hafermaas)

We jump-start the American car. Kurt takes a tour through L.A.'s car culture, talking to hot rodders and low riders and emerging designers who just might be able to rescue the U.S. auto industry. And underground hip-hop star Chali 2na explains why lately, oil painting is as important to him as rapping.

Big Boy Drive-In

It's like an amazing ad hoc auto museum, with open hoods and idling engines. Every week hundreds of car nuts gather at this diner parking lot in Burbank, CA to show off their big, beautiful, all-American machines. Produced by Studio 360's Derek John.

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The Next Generation of Car Designers

At the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, instructors Tisha Johnson and Blair Taylor explain why car design has changed so little in the last 20 years. Kurt talks with students Ben Messmer and Lili Melikian about the prototypes they're working on. And Jim Heimann ...

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Aptera, Car of the Future

"It does fly... right by a gas station." Kurt goes for a test drive with Steve Fambro, the inventor/engineer behind a 3-wheeled electric car that looks like George Jetson's space pod. Produced by Queena Kim.

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Chali 2na

LA's underground hip-hop act Jurassic 5 brought tunefulness and fun back to '90s hip-hop. Last year Kurt talked with Chali 2na, one of the founders of that group, about his first solo album and his work as a visual artist. 2na says that writing lyrics is ...

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Watch Out for the Giant Donut

Urban historian Jim Heimann takes Kurt on a driving tour of some of L.A.'s most imaginative roadside architecture.


Low Riders

At the Dub Magazine car show at the L.A. Convention Center, photographer Jae Bueno introduces us to the customizers behind tricked-out Cadillac Coupes and fancy pin-stripes. Produced by Studio 360's Derek John and Ave Carrillo.

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Hot Rod Chicks

Julie Fisher takes us for a spin in her 1959 Chevy El Camino and asks why all new cars are "boxes or bubbles." And Coco Shinomiya tells us her old car is way more reliable than her new one. Produced by Suzie Lechtenberg.

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