Aptera, Car of the Future


Friday, December 31, 2010

Aptera Car (Flickr user: Aptera Motors)

"It does fly... right by a gas station." Kurt goes for a test drive with Steve Fambro, the inventor/engineer behind a 3-wheeled electric car that looks like George Jetson's space pod. Produced by Queena Kim.

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Queena Kim

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Jerome Ramirez from Venezuela

1.Where do artists work?
2.Is it hard to be an artist?
3.When did you become an artist?
4.How long have you been an artist?
5.What is your favorite design that you had made?
6.How do you start art?
7.What did you get convinced by to make art?
8.Are others allowed to help you in your art?
9. How many car designs have you designed yourself?
10.Is car design a complex subject into making a car?
11.Is car design the hardest process to making a car?
12.Is car design the most important in a car, made or being made?
13.What texture do you usually use most often in designing a car?
14.Is it complicated to make a design for a car?
15.How long does it take to make a design?
16.Does this process need a lot of preparing?
17.Are you free to make any design of your desire?
18.Is there a base rule to making a car design?
19.Is making a car design fun?
20.After making a design to a car does it effect the performance of the car?

Mar. 15 2011 10:00 AM
Jerome Ramirez from Venezuela

Dear Steven Fambro,
My name is Jerome I go to school in CIPLC, and is in 6th grade. In art class we are reasearching art careers. My art career is car design. I will send you 20 questions in this career. Your answer will be appreciated. Thank you.

Mar. 14 2011 08:19 AM
a. listener from burlington VT

Speaking of 3-wheeled vehicles and R. Buckminster Fuller--there was his Dymaxion Car built in the '30's and designed for efficiency-- til it met it's tragic demise on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive. Just visually it looks like the Aptera has a much lower center of gravity

Jan. 02 2011 08:43 PM

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