Worldstudio is SO Over the Rainbow

Wednesday, July 01, 2009 - 04:01 PM

When Studio 360 asked the New York-based design firm Worldstudio to give the gay pride flag a 21st century makeover, we had to leave a lot of great conversations out of the final story. Here's a little bit more from the lively brainstorming session Worldstudio principle Mark Randall held with his team of designers, including Andrea Pellegrino, Nina Mettler, and Tom Koken.

(Photo: Worldstudio designers present their research, and try to decide which colors and symbols represent today's gay movement)

Check out the full flag redesign story and visit our website at to listen to all archived segments and shows.


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Rene Trevino

I am a huge fan of the program, and I was really excited about the piece you aired this week about re-designing the gay flag. I have actually been working on a project similar to the one you and Worldstudio presented. I am a gay Mexican American and Texan artist living in Baltimore, MD. In 2004 I designed a flag that was more representative of me and my cultural and queer identity. I have never felt fully represented by the Rainbow (Freedom) flag, American Flag, Texan Flag, or Mexican Flag. It seemed to me that they all only represented an aspect of who I am. So I created a flag that was all my own…a hot pink (I think Worldstudio called it Shock, I just call it hot pink) version of the Mexican Flag. I did hand painted versions and had a set silk-screened for my graduate thesis exhibition in 2005. I also did similar versions of the Texas Flag, American Flag and am working on a Maryland flag. Last year I created a rainbow colored
(using gradient fades!) of the Iranian flag in response to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech at Columbia University where he denied the very existence of homosexuals in Iran. In one of my recent exhibitions I made tiny toothpick versions of the Rainbow Iranian flag and put them on hot pink frosted cupcakes and gave them out at the opening. In the face of Ahmadinejad’s denial and the cruel and unjust treatment that my gay brothers and sisters endure in Iran I designed that rainbow colored flag and offered the cupcakes as a small but sweet gesture of hope for a brighter future. It seems that Worldstudio, Studio360 and I are all tapped into the collective zeitgeist and are having some very similar creative impulses. Kudos to an excellent show and here’s hoping that we all feel represented and equal and embraced by whatever flag we live under.

Please visit my website to see images of the work I do with flags (feel free to look at the paintings and drawings as well):

Again, thank you for all of your excellent programming,

Jul. 02 2009 04:27 AM

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