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Joni, Poehler, Wingdales

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Kurt Andersen and comedian Amy Poehler talk about parody and how artists use it to both undermine and humanize the popular and the powerful. Joni Mitchell tells us about seeing a six-foot man in drag singing her songs on stage — and cheering him on. And we’ll hear from two writers so bored by the directors' commentaries on DVDs they decided to write their own, in the voices of political hardliners. Plus the writer Rick Moody stops by to play some tunes with his band the Wingdale Community Singers.


Amy Poehler

Johnny Loves Joni

For nearly 20 years, John Kelly has been performing as Joni Mitchell. In heels and a blond wig, the 6-foot-tall Kelly takes to the stage and sings for an adoring audience — an audience that occasionally includes Mitchell herself. Mitchell tells Sharon Lerner why she loves Kelly's act.


Pundit Parody

Ever wonder what Ann Coulter thinks about Aliens — the movie? Writers Tom Bissell and Jeff Alexander have. Bored with lame DVD commentaries they began writing their own, imagining what partisan pundits such as Noam Chomsky and Ann Coulter would have to say about hit movies. Produced by Derek John.



Some parodies are so clever the subjects don't even realize they're being mocked. The cakewalk dance was created by slaves to poke fun at their white masters. And the clueless slave masters loved it. Jonathan Mitchell speaks with choreographer Diane MacIntyre about how the parody came full circle.


Wingdale Community Singers

Three singer-songwriter-musicians for the price of one. This band-without-a-front-man is fronted by David Grubbs, Hannah Marcus, and Rick Moody — yes, that Rick Moody (author of The Ice Storm, Purple America, and other novels). They join Kurt in the studio to play a few tunes and talk about their ...


Special Guest: Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler is an actor and comedian. She joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2002, and her impressions of celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Sharon Stone and Sharon Osbourne have become show favorites. Poehler is also a founding member of the sketch/improv troupe The Upright Citizens Brigade. Her ...


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