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Elizabeth Gilbert & IBM’s Watson

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Jeopardy/Watson, Tout Jeopardy host Alex Trebek with contestants Ken Jennings, Watson, and Brad Rutter (Courtesy of Jeopardy Productions, Inc.)

It’s the ultimate matchup of human vs. machine: IBM developed a supercomputer named Watson, and to prove the processor’s mettle, it’s going to compete against human champions on Jeopardy. Elizabeth Gilbert describes how an officer from the Department of Homeland Security transformed her from a marriage skeptic into a true believer. And listeners tell Kurt how they get creative with unlikely materials like icicles and coffee grounds.

The Category is...Man vs. Machine

Meet Watson, the newest contestant on Jeopardy! Starting Monday, February 14, he’ll compete against the greatest Jeopardy! players of our generation. Did we mention that Watson is a s...

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Eat, Pray, Love, Marry

When Elizabeth Gilbert wrote Eat, Pray, Love, a witty account of her globe-hopping, soul-searching journey after a divorce, she never imagined that Julia Roberts would be playing her in a movie adaptation.


My Poet/My Novelist

What’s it like to practice the same line of work as your spouse? What if you’re both writers, but one is a novelist — in love with plot and character — and one is a poet — obsessed ...

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Material Mashup

Last week, in honor of the publication of Studio 360's book Spark: How Creativity Works, we asked listeners to show us how they made something creative from an unexpected combinatio...

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Spark: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Art

This month we're celebrating 360's first decade on the air with the publication of the book Spark: How Creativity Works, by long-time Studio 360 executive producer Julie Burstein. In...

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Michael from Studio 360

@Becky: We were looking forward to Kurt's appearance on The Colbert Report, as well. Unfortunately, the interview schedule changed at the last minute. But we're hoping Kurt will be discussing creativity and "truthiness" with Stephen soon, and if he does, we'll be sure to spread the word.

@deirdre: Thanks for the kind words...I just hope they're reaching the proper show, because we haven't done any stories on the best 100 Cuban Songs. We have done stories on Colombian Music (1/29/10) and we discussed Cuban music in our "American Icon" show on "I Love Lucy" (10/8/10). Hope that's helpful!

Feb. 23 2011 04:02 PM
Becky from Cleveland OH

At the end of last week's show, Kurt mentioned appearing on the Colbert Report. My DVR listed him as featured guest, too, but he didn't appear last night. What happened? I was looking forward to it!

Feb. 17 2011 02:16 PM
deirdre from philadelphia

Hello. Love, love your show. I was just listening to a story about the best 100 Cuban songs. Could you please tell me the name of the collection?

Feb. 15 2011 09:27 PM

Enid, I just listened to the same story today, Sunday---fascinating. The author/speaker is Jake Halpern, a fairly regular, and wonderul, journalist/author and in checking his website I'm not sure which "book" this investigation might be in. As for John, the person being interviewed, he has apparently gone on to really become an expert in forgeries---but I don't think he has written a book about this particular event in his life.

Feb. 13 2011 01:10 PM
Enid Deak from Dallas, Texas

I listen to NPR almost daily, but when I try to look up information I am lost, I can never find what I need to find. Today, 2/12/201, I was listening to a most interesting story about some documents thought to be original papers from JFK. They were authenticated by a number of professional people. In the end they were found to be fakes. I believe the person being interviewed has a book telling the whole story. That's what I want to know, the title of the book. I should be most obliged if you would provide it to me.
Thank you
Enid Deak

Feb. 12 2011 11:05 PM

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