Episode #420

Interiors, Color, Harmony

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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Kurt Andersen and the jazz pianist Fred Hersch explore the rules of harmony in music — and color, and shape. Sara Fishko explains how Arnold Schoenberg blew open the sonic palette of classical music. And an interior designer achieves balance with a zillion competing patterns.


Fred Hersch

Commentary: The Po-Mo Name Game

The most popular names for boys and girls last year were Jacob and Emily. More interestingly, the 63rd favorite for girls was Aaliyah, no doubt after the young singer who died in 2001. Studio 360’s Kurt Andersen has found some other corners of the culture with their own naming trends.


Special Guest: Fred Hersch

Kurt Andersen and Fred Hersch talk about harmony in music, color, and design.

Fred Hersch has been a jazz pianist and composer for over twenty years. He has been widely recognized in recent years for his ability to reinvent the standard jazz repertoire with extraordinary technique. Two of ...





Color Harmony

The concept of harmony applies to more than music — it's a metaphor we lay onto any art form. The rules of how colors go together have been written about exhaustively, but what does color harmony really mean? Produced by Matt Holzman.


Interior Harmony

George Beylerian is a former furniture designer who now heads Material Connexion, a resource center for designers and architects. Beylarian brings us through his house-ful of dissonant objects — and shows how they can all work together. Produced by Jocelyn Gonzales.


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