Episode #417

Envy, Upstage, Doppelganger

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Saturday, April 26, 2003

Kurt Andersen and writer Paul Theroux  talk about the fierce rivalries that motivate artists to be their best — and their worst. The heroes of Hong Kong action films put up their dukes, and hip hop artists pair off for battle. Plus, a look at what happens when the US Military sends painters into combat.


Paul Theroux

Commentary: Biography! The Musical

Our culture has an insatiable appetite for the private lives of entertainers and politicians. Studio 360’s Kurt Andersen is watching this mania for biography play out on Broadway.


Now Playing: The Art of War

As the operations in Iraq shift to peacekeeping, reflecting on the war is a tricky business. Art may seem like a strange mission for the Defense department, but in fact the US military sends trained artists into to combat to document the experience and feeling of conflict. Studio 360's ...


Special Guest: Paul Theroux

Kurt Andersen and writer Paul Theroux look at artistic rivalries and how competition works its way through our culture.

Paul Theroux has written fiction and nonfiction for more than 35 years. His books on Patagonia, Oceania, and Hong Kong have made him the most acclaimed travel writer of ...


From Renaissance Italy to Benin

Rivals have been around as long as people have envied each other's success. Sara Fisko found some places where rivalry is productive — and where it isn't.


Hip Hop's Battles

Part of the fun of Eminem's movie 8 Mile was watching him and another rapper battle it out, improvising insults for the approval of the crowd. Hip hop has always depended on rappers being paired off like this. Three writers who watch hip hop tell us how it works — ...


Hong Kong Cinema

The best heroes and villains are often reflections of each other. Think of Sherlock Holmes versus Professor Moriarty or even Luke versus Darth in Star Wars. There's something of each in the other. This theme has been playing out for years in the martial arts and gangster films of ...


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