Weekend Warriors: Re-enacting the Civil War


Friday, April 08, 2011

Siege at Bridgeport, Civil War Re-enactors Re-enactor Michael Cheaves prepares for battle alongside his daughter, Sarah. (Gigi Douban)

The Siege at Bridgeport, a strategic site in Alabama, took place in 1862 — and again this year. Civil War re-enactors spend time and money reliving battles that were decided 150 years ago. They’ll tell you that if you just give it one weekend, you’ll be hooked, too. But one Confederate officer complains that it’s hard to find men who can ride and shoot these days; that’s why he brings his daughter to war. Produced by Gigi Douban.






Slideshow: Siege at Bridgeport, 2011

Gigi Douban

In many parts of the country, the Civil War is still a part of life. Bob Goodrich re-enacts the Siege at Bridgeport in Alabama, a lesser known battle of the Civil War. Although he had ancestors that fought on both sides of the war, Goodrich "fights" on the Union side.

Gigi Douban

Michael Cheaves prepares for battle with daughter Sarah.

Gigi Douban

Re-enacting isn't just for soldiers. (Left to right), Betsy Cameron (in striped hoop skirt), Missy Baldwin, and Baldwin's daughter at the Ladies' Tea.

Gigi Douban

While hoop skirts are awkward to manage even in the best weather, on a stormy day, Betsy Cameron has to lift hers off the back of her chair to keep it dry.

Gigi Douban

Sarah Cheaves and others portray Union cavalry soldiers just before charging the battlefield in Bridgeport, Alabama.

Gigi Douban

Musicians at the re-enactment play Civil War-era tunes.

Gigi Douban

Participants on the Confederate side re-enact the Siege at Bridgeport.

Gigi Douban

Union soldiers fire at the Confederates during the re-enactment of the Siege at Bridgeport.

Gigi Douban

Spectators look on as re-enactors play out the Siege at Bridgeport.


Gigi Douban

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Hi Lisa,

If you navigate to the link for the Siege at Bridgeport re-enactment (from the text "this year"), in the above segment, you'll find the official website for the event. The site has directions as well as contact info.



Jun. 29 2011 04:19 PM

could you please list the address for the Alabama reinactments better. New comers are having a hard time trying to get map quest directions when you guys don't list a better address and how to get to the site's better. thx

Jun. 28 2011 07:49 PM

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